Kii Fios First Entry

Establishing safe pneumoperitoneum has always been the most critical part of laparoscopy. In response to this key clinical need, Applied Medical has developed Kii Fios first entry, the next revolution in laparoscopic access. Upon immediate penetration of the peritoneum under direct visualization, Kii Fios first entry creates a space for the tip of the obturator.

In seconds, pneumoperitoneum is established at up to three times the rate of alternative methods with only a 3mm intrusion into the peritoneal cavity. Kii Fios first entry has the potential to significantly reduce the risk of injuries while establishing secure, controlled pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic procedures.

By combining the benefits of the veress needle and optical non-bladed trocar, Kii Fios First Entry can save valuable OR time and reduce cost by eliminating the need for blind veress needle entry prior to trocar placement. Kii Fios first entry is the ideal first entry port for any laparoscopic procedure.

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