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Microvascular Clamps

Exact, Reliable Pressure – Every Time
Repeated sterilization can degrade the closing force of metal clamps, potentially changing the pressure each time they are used

Unique Hemispheric Design
Biover clamps hold the vessel securely while minimizing trauma to the vessel wall assuring a secure, non-slip occlusion

Available in Arterial and Venous Patterns
Choose the correct clamping pressure needed for each vessel application

Available in “Single” and “Double” Configurations
Choose the best clamp for the particular surgical application

Non-Reflective Surface
Easier on the eyes during long procedures

Latex Free and Radiolucent
Made of high quality Polycarbonate and stainless steel

Disposable – No more cleaning or concerns about bioburden
Single-use clamps are supplied in a sterile, double-sealed pouch