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Navigator GPS

Navigator GPS


The Navigator GPS has been a trusted and reliable choice for gamma detection in the surgical suite for well over a decade. Surgeons and OR staff favor the Navigator GPS for its simplicity of use and portability. Unlike other systems, no calibration from probe to control unit is required before use; the system is ready to use the moment it is turned on. Its primary features include:

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Weight: 2 kg
Control Unit Dimensions: 20cm W x 24cm H x 18cm D
Energy Range: Up to and including 511 keV
Maximum Count Rate: 25,000/s
Control Unit Power Source: Replaceable, internal PowerPak
PowerPak (Battery) type: 10.8V Li-ion
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Storage Conditions:
  • -15°C to 40°C (5°F to 104°F)
  • 0% – 80% relative humidity
Visual Indicators: LED
Isotopes Counted:
  • Tc-99
  • I-125
  • In-111
  • FDG-18



  • Rechargeable 10.8V Lithium Ion Battery with time-remaining meter

Battery Charger

  • Available as a 2- or 4-bay charger
  • These multi-bay chargers provide enough capacity for even the busiest operating rooms, up to 10 hours on a single charge


Navigator 2.0 Stand

  • The Navigator 2.0 custom cart enables fast, efficient setup and maximum visibility in the OR. Between cases, the cart provides safe and secure storage for the complete Navigator 2.0 System and accessories.

Wireless probe battery

  • Disposable life Li-ion battery

Wireless dongle for GPS (upgrade, including probe)

  • Provides compatibility to use wireless probe with the earlier generation Navigator GPS. Gives visual indication of isotope setting used with Navigator GPS.


  • The optional Co-Pilot device attaches to the handle of the probe, allowing the surgeon to initiate a ten second count and adjust the audible range as desired.



  • The Navigator collimator is an optional accessory device that fits directly over the tip of the Dynasil Standard Lymphatic Mapping Probe, increasing precision and focus by reducing the field-of-view to 40 degrees.