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PRODUCT LAUNCH: Alexis Orthopaedic Protector
January – Applied Medical introduces the Alexis orthopaedic protector, which provides 360° of atraumatic retraction and soft tissue protection. The Alexis protector enables optimal exposure and access to the musculoskeletal system. Designed with a durable sheath, the Alexis protector protects skin, muscles and nerves against damage caused by contact with sharp instrumentation and bone debris. Simple, yet innovative, the Alexis protector offers ultimate versatility for a wide range of procedures.
Biover: Microvascular Clamps
Exact, Reliable Pressure – Every Time
Repeated sterilization can degrade the closing force of metal clamps, potentially changing the pressure each time they are used

Unique Hemispheric Design
Biover clamps hold the vessel securely while minimizing trauma to the vessel wall assuring a secure, non-slip occlusion

Available in Arterial and Venous Patterns
Choose the correct clamping pressure needed for each vessel application

Vikon Surgicals : Vikon One Headlit
Freedom of Movement • Comfort Fit • Cost Effective
No longer must surgeons be uncomfortably tethered to a box in order to have the light they need for surgery. ONE HeadLiT is a battery powered surgeon’s headlight that provides a “better than xenon” quality of light without the uncertainties of a short bulb life or fiber optic cable breakage. And, its innovative design is lightweight and adjustable for optimal comfort and visualization.