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Freedom of Movement • Comfort Fit • Cost Effective
No longer must surgeons be uncomfortably tethered to a box in order to have the light they need for surgery. ONE HeadLiT is a battery powered surgeon’s headlight that provides a “better than xenon” quality of light without the uncertainties of a short bulb life or fiber optic cable breakage. And, its innovative design is lightweight and adjustable for optimal comfort and visualization.
Fully Adjustable. Bright, White Light Battery Powered. Tether Free
  • Adjustable aperture gives surgeons the ability to focus light exactly where it is needed throughout the procedure.
  • Proprietary ONE Technology produces bright, white light needed for surgical acuity and tissue differentiation.
  • Virtually maintenance free. No bulbs or cables to replace, plus an industry leading 5 year warranty
  • Belt power pack Hot Swap System offers uninterrupted power for the entire procedure
  • High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries provide 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours of battery life each, depending on light intensity, and the power indicator beeps to notify user when a battery is near depletion.
  • Battery life indicator tracks the capacity of each high capacity battery
  • High/ low slider gives surgeons control over the intensity of light in the surgical field
Xenon Fiber Optic Headlight Vikon ONE™ HeadLiT
  • Light degrades from center to edge of the light field, creating a spotlight effect and an uneven distribution of light.
Vikon ONE™ HeadLiT
  • Quality of light stays consistent from center to edge, eliminating spotlight effect and providing an even distribution of light.